Big Blue now has his own statue

tradition -- rub the belly (2)

ODU’s mascot Big Blue has now gone next level.  He has his own seven foot bronze statue.  Today he was essentially immortalized.

The ceremony took place in a packed out Webb Center where the “bronzed” Big Blue will remain as he looks out onto Kaufman Mall.

The idea is to start a new tradition according to the release of the event that took place earlier today.

Now that the bronze Big Blue stands sentry over Webb Center, looking out on Kaufman Mall, SGA leaders announced that tradition: as students start their career at ODU, each student will take their picture with Big Blue to mark the beginning of their Monarch journey.

Throughout their journey, ODU students are encouraged to revisit the statue and rub Blue’s belly so as to bring wealth, good luck and prosperity. Four years later, students will again take their picture with Big Blue as part of their graduation celebration.

Pretty cool idea.

Here’s some video captured of the big reveal:


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