Marshall and DeAndre Kane to part ways

Deandre Kane

Marshall and DeAndre Kane have decided that it would be mutually beneficial for both parties if they were to split up.  Tom Herrion hit Kane with “It’s not you, it’s me.”

This is relevant to us because we are likely to meet Marshall at least twice next season and they instantly become an easier matchup without the 6’4 Kane.

Kane has been one of the most complete and dangerous players in Conference USA for each of his three seasons, averaging over 15 points per game in each year.  This past season he averaged 7 assists and nearly 2 steals a game.

Despite all this from Kane they still went 13-19 and 6-10 in Conference USA and they lost a non conference game to Hofstra.  Kane went for 33 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists in that game.

Yes, he messed around a got a triple double.

That’s what he’s capable of when he’s going good but apparently he’s not worth the trouble and has worn out his welcome in Huntington.  Even with him they were 13-19 so it’s likely that his departure can only have so much of a negative impact.

Maybe they will be better?

We’re clearly in no position to throw stones either.  Marshall is in a similar spot to us, they need a couple of sound years in recruiting to rebuild what is now a depleted roster.  They have potential to be a force in CUSA play but it’s not going to happen in 2013-2014.

I expected our games with Marshall this upcoming season to be competitive with or without Kane.  At least on paper they seem easier now that he’s gone.

Kane is on pace to graduate this spring and will likely be eligible to transfer to any school outside of Conference USA and be eligible to play immediately.  I’m not sure if Marshall can block some of his requests.  Some of the initial rumors are Illinois and Pittsburgh.

I doubt we will see him next year and for us that’s a good thing.  He can fill it up.


image credit: AP

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